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Einsteinium Series

VANGUARD LED DISPLAYS EINSTEINIUM series boldly goes where all other manufactures displays can’t, the high seas. The EINSTEINIUM is a series developed by VANGUARD LED DISPLAYS for Saltwater applications, such as cruise ships, offshore advertising and areas where saltwater is a major concern. Intertek, an independent worldwide lab has certified the IP66 front and back rating. The module in this series is rated at IP66 and is the highest rating available for a LED display module. Our cabinet is fully enclosed, no external connections and is IP66 front and IP66 back rated. Every component is designed to withstand Saltwater corrosion. This display is available in P13mm, with P10.3 and P16 coming soon. Easy install design Rear removal of modules IP66 front and IP66 in the rear No external cooling required Hanging and ground support available Modules are easy to remove Easy removable of all components Custom curve brackets available Built in mounting locations in the frame

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