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Emergency Lighting Transfer Panel

Emergency Lighting Transfer Panel

The emergency lighting transfer system switches power from normal to emergency source when a power outage is detected. The PLC provides an interface that monitors utility power input, has remote generator starting capabilities and can interface with most fire alarm systems.

When a power loss occurs it is critical that emergency lighting systems turn on allowing people to make a safe exit from the building. The SSRC ELTP provides a cost effective UL Listed 1008 transfer switch option which reduces the need for separate emergency lighting systems.

  • Entire unit is UL 1008 Listed for use in Emergency Systems
  • 65,000 Amps short circuit current rating provides superior fault protection
  • Electrically operated, mechanically held contactors switch both line and neutral
  • Five second switch-time from normal power to standby power, ensures quick transfer is made and accommodates standby power sources startup
  • One minute switch-time from standby power to normal power ensures that the normal power source is stable
  • Allows selected existing dimmed house light circuits to also be used for emergency lighting, eliminating the need for dedicated emergency circuits and fixtures
  • Both discrete and main feed models available in multiple circuit configurations
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