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EZstop Curtain Controller

EZstop Curtain Controller

H & H Specialties introduces EZstop, a user-friendly, easily programmable, 10-stop curtain machine controller. Programming of the eight intermediate stops is similar in idea to that of a automobile radio, it’s EZ. Jog the curtain to the desired location, press the button of the desired position, and hold until the indicator light flashes and the position is set.

The EZstop curtain controller is a factory-installed option to all curtain machines manufactured by H & H Specialties. The option must be ordered with the curtain machine and integrated at the factory. The curtain machines equipped with EZstop may also be controlled by a third party front end with up to 99 individual EZstop addresses. FEATURES: Simple, intuitive setup and operation Mechanical limit switches for end-of-travel positions Eight programmable intermediate stop positions Automatic coast offset for position accuracy Industrial 7" color touchscreen remote control station Position feedback graphically displayed on screen On-screen diagnostics New!from H & H Specialties

The EZstop Curtain Controller EZstop is the ideal solution for viewing rooms with multi-format projection, acoustic curtain tracks with multi-stop requirements, and any application where bi-directional multi-stop control of a curtain machine is desired. Your solution is EZstop by H & H Specialties.

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