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F45 - Video Wall Truss

The F45 Truss is based on the F44 truss design and is modified for use with LED video wall panels. The centre rigging of the screen panels on truss is essential, and the F45 brings the perfect solution. A central pipe with ladder-style horizontal bracing on the bottom face of the truss, allows LED panels to be clamped directly onto the centre chord. This negates the need to sling or brace across the two bottom chords to provide a central rigging points as would normally be necessary on a square format truss. Furthermore, the ladder style horizontal braces creates more clear hanging space along the chord compared to the outside piping. Because it is based on the F44 Truss design, F45 Truss can connect to all standard F44 junctions or sleeve blocks so you can use your existing F44 Truss to build the rest of the structure!

Future development of truss accessories will mean that use of F45 Truss will not be limited to LED screen hanging applications.


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