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In the development of entertainment equipment industry, stage lighting control technology occupies a very important position: dimmer, intelligent lighting, color changing. As an important part of stage performance, light is applied to live performance on stage, with its unique means to achieve the artistic effects of simulating nature, creating artistic conception, expressing emotion and cutting stage space and time. These artistic effects are often completed in all combinations of light and shade (brightness),the light color, light projection direction and beam effect,such effect realization of light makes it necessary for controller to well control brightness,color changing,beam scanning,etc. Falcon controller is the benchmark products of our recently completed,it offers a solution to the problems besetting users for many years in a epoch-making means: drawing shows manually as desired, no need of library;dimmer,intelligent lighting,color changing to control symultaneously; AI application in an unattended mode. English and Chinese menus Simple marks for button fucntions Working with CD player and COM port fixture Drawing shows manually as desired AI operation in an unattended mode The operation time and frequency of the controller can be set Setting passports for wrong operations by others Selecting and editting color types on display 100-240V,50/60Hz input,powerCON connector USITT DMX 512 protocol 1024 DMX channels,200 intelligent fixtures.

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