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Professional Stage & Studio Equipmentprofessional | Kupo Stage TW - FDL-500 / FDL-1000 / FLOOD LIGHT

FDL-500 / FDL-1000 / FLOOD LIGHT

FDL-500 & FDL-1000 / FLOOD LIGHT

  • Fixture quickly and securely interlock side by side for ground row application.
  • Ground row joint.
  • TUV Version composes the microswitch. When door is opened power of lamp housing is automatically shut off.
  • Microswitch
  • Easy and safe lamp installation is provided via a hinged access door. Friendly and easy gel installation is supported with the hinged access door designed on color frame. The gel can be settled smoothy without wrinkle.
  • Excellent ventilation is provided with air circulation paths at both rear and front of the reflector/lamp housing.
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