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FK-3820 Optimus Prime 380w Beam Moving Head Light- Beam Moving Head Series-DAGE Stage Lighting

FK-3820 Optimus Prime 380w Beam Moving Head Light

FK-3820 380w Beam Moving Head Light MAIN FEATURES: 1. Fantastic & colorful honeycomb prism+ 8 facet prism, with max. 80° prism angle, and prism auto-focusing function 2. 1 color wheel 14 colors+white+CTO, 1 gobo wheel 13 gobo+white 3. Sensitive & high speed, 3-phase motor for X/Y movement 4. Top quality in China, life-long maintain (Lamp with 6 months warranty) 5.With RDM system, can set up the DMX address on the controller directly 6.Fixed battery for the LCD display, can set up DMX address without connected to the power supply 7. With 2 clamps fixed on the light base, easy for mobile shows