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FL105 - Indoor High Load Capacity & Wide Spans

  • Upper chords A: extruded tube O 60x5 mm EN AW 6082T6; Lower chords A: extruded tube O 50x5 mm EN AW 6082T6
  • Diagonals B: extruded tube O 50x4 mm EN AW 6082 T6
  • Braces C: extruded tube O 50x4 mm EN AW 6082 T6; Ends D: forks connector EN AW 6082 T6
  • Connection system KHLP: Cylindrical pin + safety R-clip; KHLM+KHLF

The top of the LIBERA range. It is ideal for heavy duty use, with High Load carrying capacity and wide spans. LIBERA 105 is mainly for outdoor use. It is the most suitable system for building roofing and large structures. It can be used to build a span of up to 30 metres in length with a large carrying capacity.

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