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FL3II LED Display

FL3II LED Display

Two Optional Panel Size

  • Pixel pitch: 3.9 mm
  • Pixel configuration: SMD
  • Brightness: 1000 adjustable
  • Refresh rate: 1920/2880/3840 Hz
  • Panel dimension: 500×750×70mm/500×1000×70mm

Ultra Slim & Light Panel

70mm thick panel with a weight of 12kg/14kg pushes itself to the limit, which saves cost of supporting structure and transportation .

Convenient Maintenance

Module, power supply, receiving card can all be maintained from the front,and front-accessible design reduces module replacement time down to 5s.

No Need of Catwalk

A catwalk free solution is achieved by the realization of thorough front installation.

Excellent Display Effect

1920Hz high refresh rate, uniform color and 160° super wide viewing angle all guarantee an ultimate visual experience.

Front Maintenance Illustration


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