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Free Link Features Specifications Color Packing Download Vedio The approval is equipped with a built-in lithium battery, using a length of 4 to 7 hours. Standby time 8 to 10 hours. Approved the use of plastic shell light, equipped with black and white two colors, black on behalf of the mysterious, technology, elegant. White represents purity, sacred. Users can choose according to their favorite color. The use of dual antenna transmission, 2.4G plus WIFI, the rate and power are up to 500 lamps, nuclear and light between the visual distance of up to 1000 meters away. Approved the use of a 4-inch touchable high-definition display. Features: 1: kernel does not need to connect to the router, copy a built-in super WIFI module, with their own as a hotspot to connect the phone and the light connection. 2: verification can be adapted to any manufacturer of the lights, the user only need to enter the lamp table to the nuclear or mobile phone APP, the verification will be based on the lamp channel automatically converted. So you can achieve the adaptation of any manufacturer's lights. 3: verification can be real-time interaction with the lights, users do not use APP can also be directly through the control to control the lights. 4: verification with a network self-upgrade prompt function, you can also through the memory card, USB, mobile phone push to upgrade or update the program.

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