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Product Video:

The Poseidon Ultrasonic Low Fog Generator from Froggy’s Fog is the most fully-featured aqua low fog machine on the market. It continuously creates high-output low-lying fog without the use of cryogenics, refrigeration plants, or dry ice. The advanced ultrasonic technology internally combined with traditional thermally-produced fog means that the ONLY expendables required are fog fluid, water, and electrical power. The rugged chassis is designed for heavy-duty applications such as touring and can endure the rigors of use in the most demanding of applications. With a simple, user-friendly LCD display, intuitive controls, and DMX onboard, the Poseidon Ultrasonic Low Fog Generator is ideal for any professional production, touring, themed entertainment, or theatrical application requiring voluminous low fog production that is quiet, efficient, and cost-effective.

  • Advanced Auto Water Refill System
  • Multi-Stage Humidity Control
  • Complete Fog and Fan Volume Control
  • Gravity Fed Water Reservoir (No water pump) with drains
  • Auto Senses Low Water & Low Fog Fluid
  • Locking Seetronics power connector
  • Optimized Water Level Sensor for ideal ultrasonic operation
  • Unique Water Recapture Design minimizes condensation
  • Ruggedized Single Piece Polymer Chassis
  • Austenite Welding and Anti-corrosive Primer
  • Optimized Heater Core for Continuous Operation
  • Advanced Fog Expansion Chamber Design
  • Built-in LCD control panel
  • 5-Pin and 3-Pin DMX onboard.
  • 3 x High Powered DC Fans for Long Life and High Output
  • Touch Screen LCD & Built-in Wireless Control
  • Options: Dual Output Splitter, Flat Diffuser, Rain Cover
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