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Titan 1500 DMX Glamour Titan 1500 DMX Control PanelTitan 1500 DMX Cutsheet Titan 1500 DMX Cutsheet Back


  • Oversized Heater Core for increased run times
  • Quick Ready Fog Technology (QRFT) - Less than
  • 10 seconds after full cycle and it is ready to fog
  • Advanced Low Fluid Sensing
  • Blue Powercon Connection
  • 4 Button Control Panel with LED SSD
  • 3” Venturi Style Nozzle Connection
  • Durable 5 Liter Fluid Tank
  • Built-In Hanging Bracket
  • Timer Control Included (Wireless Optional)
  • Electronics Compartment to keep all fluid related components away from boards
  • Removable Fluid Tank Bracket for tight install applications
  • Rubberized Feet
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