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FUEL SuperSpot

FUEL SuperSpot

Welcome to a Modular LED World... 

The FUEL SuperSpot is a beautifully designed "Modular" Spotlight System that utilizes our revolutionary Power-Link ONE and Power-Link MINI Modules along with a series of magnetic interchangeable Light Engines that can be customized with your choice of LED Color. Color Options such as Warm-White 2700 and 3000 Kelvin, and Cool White 4000 and 5000 Kelvin are offered.

MODULAR is at the heart of the SuperSpot - The FUEL SuperSpot comes standard with a high color rendering 4 LED 3000K Light Engine. This cutting edge light engine is capable of projecting a stunningly bright beam of light that is nothing short of amazing to see. The size-to-brightness ratio of the SuperSpot is striking. For a fixture that you can hold in the palm of you hand it will no doubt make you wonder how is it possible so much light can come out of such a tiny fixture.

The Goal.... Limitless Versatility - The entire concept of the FUEL SuperSpot System was to make your investment as versatile as possible and making the Light Engine "Modular" was just the beginning. The entire SuperSpot fixture from end-to-end was intelligently designed to be extremely adaptable on many levels. 

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