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General Purpose Truss - Aluminum Truss Systems | James Thomas Engineering Inc

General Purpose Truss

General Purpose Truss James Thomas Engineering offers several different truss designs and truss systems for any type of event, conference or show. Some of our most common trusses are our general purpose trusses. The general purpose truss systems that we manufacture range from 12” by 12” to 20.5” by 20.5”. These truss systems are suitable for the majority of lighting applications, flying P.A. systems and any other general purpose use. The GP truss systems are constructed out of aluminum tubing. By using this strong lightweight metal, our truss designs are perfect for conference, exhibition, and small venue work. With the available accessories, these GP Truss Systems can give your next conference or exhibition that professional look and feel. With the extremely flexible James Thomas Engineering truss design, we are able to offer pre-rigged GP Truss systems. Also made from lightweight aluminum tubing, each truss is designed to carry 2 lighting bars complete with lanterns. With the lighting bars designed to store inside of the GP truss, it reduces the amount of space needed for storage. Depending on the size of your GP truss section, you can hold up to 2 bars of 4 lanterns! This entire system, along with nearly all James Thomas Engineering truss designs, can be used with our ground support system by using suitable sleeve blocks and towers.

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