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gx 1

The unrivalled combination of power, size and affordability you get from the gx 1 gives you full access to the generative content world.

Stunningly forceful for its size, the power density of the gx 1 takes generative content to the next level with higher resolution and better frame-rates. Experiment with interactive and responsive design and discover unimagined new ways to connect with your audience.  

The gx 1 comes with a single VFC slot, so you can scale up to one 4k output or four HD outputs. With fewer outputs, the server can focus more energy on producing generative content – so not only is it more compact, it’s extra smart too.

The gx 1 comes with a license for Notch – a tool that not only brings the freedom of real-time, but is also extremely flexible. Whether you simply scratch the surface, or explore its deepest limits, bring your creativity to life.

Push Every Pixel™ means that the gx 1 has enough power to fill every physical pixel of its outputs with at least two simultaneous layers of content. Take your show to the next level with the ultimate playback power.


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