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gx 2

The gx 2 couples the power of the pro range with the most powerful GPU, for unparalleled generative content capacity.

The GPU workstation on the gx 2 is the most powerful yet. Rendering in real-time, your content responds to its environment to creates the most dynamic displays you’ve ever seen – think design, that moves when you move.

gx 2 technology pushes responsive content to new heights, and has all the output power you need and more. Scale up to two 4k outputs, or 8 HD outputs and see your most complex designs in gloriously high resolution.

The gx 2 comes with a license for Notch – a tool that lets you create, simulate, render, composite, edit and play in real-time. With Notch’s unique capabilities you can make some of the most impacting visual effects.

When it comes to your creating impact, the gx 2 doesn’t hold back. Push Every Pixel™ is our benchmark for playback power and the gx 2 reaches that level and more. Give your design the power it needs and create the epic.

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