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Highlander Wash

Highlander Wash

The Highlander Wash is the next generation of discharge lamp wash light, bringing new levels of high performance, high output and high quality from a compact discharge source and a superior optical system. The Highlander features a powerful 1,400W discharge lamp producing high quality light output, combined with a tight beam angle and modern efficiency.

Using a 1,400 Watt lamp and outputting through a large 9″ (23 cm) front lens, the HIGHLANDER Wash delivers a truly massive light output, without ever sacrificing quality. A native color temperature of 6,000K ensures the Highlander optics have CRI, CQS and TM-30 quality indices all measuring 90 and above.

The HIGHLANDER’S high output optical system produces a tight 5° beam up to a wide 63° field. Beam control is available through an independent and snappy motorized iris, but also through a full feature framing system. This framing system gives full blade control with each of the 4 blades able to tilt on its axis and cross the entire beam like a curtain. With separate control over each blade, the beam can be controlled down to the finest detail, and recalled in an instant. The entire beam framing system can also be rotated through a 90° range for optimum control.

A glass, dichroic based cyan, magenta and yellow color system gives a full color pallet from the softest pastel shades to full saturation, and anything in between. This is supported by two separately controlled color wheels, each with 7 color positions plus open. The whole color output can also be temperature control anywhere from 2,700K to 6,000K using a further separate optical wheel. All combined, this gives the HIGHLANDER a comprehensive color range adaptable to any color temperature environment that it gets placed in.

Additional control features of the HIGHLANDER include smooth dimming with multiple user selectable curves, separate shutter control with built in macros, fast 16 bit pan and tilt movement and low noise operating modes.

The HIGHLANDER is designed with a compact, baseless design that allows the unit can to be hung in any orientation. Power is connected via Neutrik True1, whilst data is connected via 5 pin XLR or Ethernet, with DMX, ArtNET or sACN as available control options.

The HIGHLANDER runs flicker free and has numerous additional convenience features including a battery powered control system for addressing and configuration without mains power; an auto sensing power supply; 4 carrying handles and a comprehensive set of rigging options. This, combined with its low weight of just 65 lbs. (29.5 kg), make the HIGHLANDER a truly versatile workhorse.

Power, control and capability all come together in the HIGHLANDER, raising the level of performance for designers needing a high output washlight.

The GLP HIGHLANDER Wash – there can be only one!

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