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HK Series-Eagle

Specifications:(HK-1000 HK-2000 HK-3000) 1. classic AB amplifier, high-quality toroidal transformer; 2. Adopts mature and high stable circuits with SMT technology;; 3.Good convective cooling system;direct and simple air in&out to guarantee long-time stable working; 4. Perfect built-in intelligent protection circuit to make working life longer effectively; 6. Front panel funciton instruction:(POWER indicator BRI Bridge connection STR Stereo PRA Parallel PROT protection connection CLIP clip SGI Signal +3dB/0dB/-5dB/-10dB signal A/B channel knob); 7. Back panel instruction: inputs( XLR,MIC inputs) outputs( 3 sets of SPK, red is bridge, and 2 groups of red&black connector outputs) other functions: ST/PRA/BR third gear switching, LIMITER limit switch,LIFT/GND Second gear switch) Specifications:(HK-4000 HK-5000 HK-6000 HK-8000)

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