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IC Live

Intelligently Engineered for Live Sound

IC Live is the intelligent evolution of the small-format line array, and the ICL-R is its intrinsic core. Individual driver control means unsurpassed vertical pattern control – essential for delivering intelligible speech in reverberant spaces.

Two IC Lives arrayed "horns to horns" form a taller, higher output array that can be used alone, or combined with one or two IC215S subwoofers for added low frequency impact.

All array configurations assemble in minutes with interlocking hardware system.

Adaptable, Articulate, Invisible
Digital beam steering puts IC Live output where it belongs: on the audience, and way from walls and ceilings. 

Computer software lets you define the opening angles for as many as four beams from each ICL-R array module (up to 8 beams when stacked) and aim them up or down. Meanwhile, the slim enclosure stays vertical and inconspicuous.

Two ICL-R modules can be stacked for even tighter control and higher output.

Powerful, Accurate, Musical
Iconyx transparent technology controls sound with the most advance, intelligent DSP. Multi-channel Class D digital amplifiers with integral DSP engines control every single array element with programmable precision. 

High-current audiophile output stages power each individual lightweight, efficient transducer in the Iconyx array. Even at 100 feet, SPL is an impressive 105 dB (108 dB when stacked). Output is flat from 80 Hz to 20 kHz. 

Low frequency energy can be extended to 40 Hz or below with matching subwoofers.

Portable, Scalable, Versatile
Iconyx IC Live arrays are engineered for portable applications, with an easy-to-use interlocking hardware system that makes setup simple.

Two IC Live arrays can be combined for added output and control. When full range musical output is important to the program, one or two IC215-S dual 15-inch subwoofers can be added to either array. 

The subwoofers can act as tall or wide bases for IC Live arrays using the interlocking hardware system.

One-Touch Presets, Intuitive Software
RHAON empowered IC Live arrays provide a full set of remote control and supervision functions, along< with the ability to store up to ten preset configurations in memory. 

The presets adapt the arrays' 150° wide horizontal coverage for typical applications such as hotel meeting rooms or auditoriums.

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