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InnoPix Ⅱ - Outdoor Rental - Gtek Group Limited

InnoPix Ⅱ - Outdoor Rental

InnoPix Ⅱ Tough Flexible Various Fast Independent Pixel Pitch 4.7 mm Share: Key Features Specifications Installation More Cases Tough Dustproof/Waterproof/Rustproof/Crashworthy, aluminum structure designed for heat dissipation (no fan inside), IP65/54, built-in corner protection InnoPix Ⅱ InnoPix Ⅱ Flexible Flat/flex screen design, it can bend ±45°and have 22 gears for curving Various Every 8 tiles can piece a column, seamless assembling & smoother InnoPix Ⅱ InnoPix Ⅱ Fast All installations can be done by one person: 100tiles/h, tool-free. Independent Replacing a power box of tile, the neighboring tile can continue working InnoPix Ⅱ

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