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Introducing the ROK1- Remote Outlet Controller - New Products - Whirlwind

Introducing the ROK1- Remote Outlet Controller

The ROK 1 and ROK 2 are ideal for controlling AC power to projectors, video displays, powered loudspeakers, lighting fixtures, etc. The ROK1 switches single phase 120 VAC and the ROK2 is used for switching single phase 240 VAC or two legs of 208 VAC three phase. Both devices are rated for switching 20 amp AC branch circuits. The devices are activated by a user provided, maintained dry contact closure which energizes the relay coil with an internally generated 24 VDC control voltage. Any type of single pole maintained switching, mechanical or programmable GPIO, with a current rating of at least 100 mA can be used to operate the ROK1and ROK2. Two18-24 AWG control wires complete the circuit between the switch and either ROK device. Multiple units can be activated from a single switch by paralleling the control connections and ensuring that the wiring and control switch are rated for the additional relay coil current loads.