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The i-PIX DB 1 is so unique, it refuses to be classified as a lighting fixture or video panel.

The DB 1 has created its own category called The Beam Screen. There’s nothing like it in the world of entertainment technology.


  • SDI or HDMI input, native resolution 1080i (SDI) 1080p (HDMI) both 1920x1080pixels


DMX input, 17 Channels controlling master strobe, intensity and 15  individual sources as a shutter • 15 x 80 watt 155 lumen per watt high output light engines, Under-run by 30% for maximum efficacy

  • Choice of either warm white (3,000°K) or true white (4000°K) models.
  •  3x over sized active heat management system for exceptional led core heat dissipation• On board user interface for DMX address and stand alone (DMX free) control


  • Blackout mode: 60 watts at 240V
  • Full power: 1250 watts at 240V
  • Powercon blue mains input
  • Auto-ranging input minimum 100V-230V

Dimensions – As you look at the screen surface in Horizontal Mode

  • Height  1.74 Feet
  • Width 2.9 Feet
  • Depth  1.9 Feet
  • Weight 158 Pounds


  • Multiple cam lock mounting points allow for a variety of rigging accessories to be used, including portrait and landscape yokes
  • Other flying options are available
  • Can be ground stacked with ease
  • Can be used in a festival setting, with suitable additional roof guards


  • Cleaning of inner screen and lenses via easy opening front section
  • Access to electronic parts from the rear while rigged
  • Heat sinks easily accessible for cleaning
  •  Modular internal construction for easy maintenance


  • This product joins our roster of long-life products, designed for years of daily use
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