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JB-Series Illuminated Low Profile Process Sealed Tactile Switches

  • Illuminated Bright, full-face illumination with red, green, or yellow LEDs for attractive, functional panel layouts. Special bracket for right-angle mounting provides added design variations.
  • Choice of dimensions from PCB to top of cap adds to design flexibility. Higher operating force type provides more pronounced operating feel.
  • Dome contact gives crisp tactile feedback to positively indicate circuit transfer and assures high reliability and long life of up to 5,000,000 operations.
  • Rubber seal construction prevents contact contamination and allows automated soldering and washing. Slanted terminals provide a spring-type action which ensures secure mounting and prevents dislodgment during wave soldering.
  • Molded-in terminals are part of the sealed construction that allows automated soldering and washing. Terminal spacing conforms to standard 2.54mm PCB grid.
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