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Jem Glaciator X-Stream

Jem Glaciator X-Stream

The Jem Glaciator X-Stream creates a total ground fog effect from a self-contained unit. It utilizes the simple but effective Jem heavy fog fluids and a closed loop refrigeration system for an easy-to-produce heavy fog solution.  No more dry ice foggers needed with this all in one cold ground fog machine.

Density control: low, medium or high


  • Continuous output
  • 80 m2/min fog output
  • 3500 W heat exchanger
  • 15 min heat-up time
  • 5 liter fluid capacity
  • Different fluid options for different applications
  • Internal or external fluid supply
  • Low fluid sensing
  • Self contained unit: no C02 or dry ice
  • Onboard DMX
  • On-board control panel
  • Optional ducting system
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