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Featuring a total of 3 outputs, as well as two ZooKeeper monitor outputs, this highly specified server can drive the most demanding shows with ease.

At only 2 rack units high, the Hippotizer Karst+ packs two HD-SDI outputs into a very small space while the third DisplayPort 1.2 connection offers the ability to drive 4K displays with a single cable.

Key Features:

FlexRes Codec

Three codecs are available in Media Manager’s Encoding settings to ensure that your media is played instantly, smoothly and accurately.


Control multiple units from a single ZooKeeper with HippoNet


PixelMapper is a feature rich tool capable of mapping many thousand light points easily and effectively

Real-time Playback

Hippotizer™ V4 offers real-time control of any attribute.

SHAPE 3D Mapping

SHAPE is a complete 3D projection mapping tool set

Output Mapping

Hippotizer’s output management system offers complete flexibility in system configuration. 


Hippotizer™ V4’s multipurpose pre-visualisation tool built right into the Zookeeper software.

Media Management

Each unit includes an integrated media management system. Adding media is easy and fast.


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