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LED Video Walls - WorldStage

LED Video Walls

LED Video Walls No longer the expensive and exotic display technology of year’s past, LED display technologies have joined the mainstream and edged past other large screen technologies such as projection for many applications. Clients and audiences are enjoying the deep color saturation, the clarity and imperviousness to ambient light that LED offers. WorldStage has supported and pioneered the technology for many years and currently provides a variety of LED displays for applications small, large and huge. Here’s short primer on what WorldStage has to offer for clients that require the visual punch that only an LED display can provide: WorldStage provides LED with both indoor and outdoor capabilities. Weatherproof, and five times as bright as indoor tiles, outdoor LED displays successfully compete with daylight. With higher resolutions, indoor tiles are silent, have a very limited footprint and blast through any lighting conditions you throw at them, making them a great alternative for video projection or monitor displays.

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