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Legend Q4 IP

Legend Q4 IP

Legend Q4 IP is a battery powered and wireless DMX led uplighters equipped with 4 pieces 10W quad color led RGBA (RGBW optional). It has a charging base and can be charged automatically when put inside its charging case.

Legend Q4 IP has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with LG chem. The battery can continue working 5 hours with led full color on, 8 hours when running built-in programs and around 12 hours if just running single color. Its battery is fully protected against overcharging to maximize battery life span.

Legend Q4 IP is equipped with wireless DMX transceiver (WDMX Sweden optional) which is 100% compatible with WDMX from Sweden. This ensures maximum stability of wireless DMX signal. Fixture can be wirelessly controlled as far as 400m within visible distance. The fixture is also fully compatible to infrared remote control.

Legend Q4 IP has an OLED display with touch buttons. OLED display monitors all working status. It can be set up to turn off from 10 to 60 seconds. OLED display is lockable to avoid button mistouch.

Legend Q4 IP can be used not only as an uplighter but also as truss warmer. Its tilt can be manually adjusted 25 degrees if needed. It is an ideal tools for outdoor use to light up trees, wall, facade, building etc..

Main features:           

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with LG chem;
  • Battery protection against overcharging, hence to ensure battery lifespan;
  • 100% true wireless DMX up to 400m visible control distance;
  • Flicker-free operation suitable for HD camera;
  • OLED display with touch buttons monitoring fixture working status;
  • Infrared remote control;
  • Modular design for easy and fast maintenance;
  • Tilt adjustable 25 degrees to light up wall, trees and facade.
  • Can be used as truss warmer inside or outside of truss.
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