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LFAT2 Fog & Haze MachineLFAT2 Fog & Haze MachineLFAT2 Fog & Haze MachineLFAT2 Fog & Haze Machine

LFAT2 Fog & Haze Machine

Features of LFA Series

The technology of heating pipe used in Japan 316 stainless steel seamless pipe, the tube surface is smooth and highly durable without residue.

FA HLaze Machines’ smoke are different from the other traditional one, LFA’s fluid can be 100% complete combustion, and the output was Very dry and cold does not make the performers feel drying and respiratory discomfort, this model was appointed to many major concerts and indoor places.

The all-new architecture control technology of LFA series makes the output can be smoothly even at 1%, upward adjustment to 100% also can linear output, In addition, there is no problem to working when the machine in vibration.

LFA micro heating pipe is a new technology which unlike traditional heater structure, it won’t be jammed permanently, and without the bad smell arising from incomplete burning.


Another innovation of haze machine’s in the second half of 2014, in order to meet more demands of different customers.
Inherited LFAT strengths functions and enriched LFA Series product line, LFAT2 maintain the KS heater, consistent use of micro heat pipe,which won’t be jammed and 100% totally atomized mist of water without wasting natural resources, easier mode of operation allows any user.









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