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LibertyMat™ | Medium Duty Ground Protection Mat | TuffTrak®

LibertyMat™ | Medium Duty Ground Protection Mat

LibertyMat™/EuroMat® Ground Protection Mat LibertyMat™/EuroMat® is a market-leading medium-duty ground protection mat designed as an ideal manhandle-able solution in a wide range of applications including temporary roadways, work pads, depot storage areas, or as pedestrian access. Thanks to its flexible design, the mat is able to follow the contours of undulating or sloping ground conditions. LibertyMat™/EuroMat® is light in weight and at just 77 lbs (35 kg) it can easily be deployed by a two-person team, making LibertyMat™/EuroMat® fast and easy to install. LibertyMat™/EuroMat® also has strategically positioned hand holes for use ease of handling.