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LiftAll Wire Rope 3/8" Thimble-Thimble - MTN SHOP

LiftAll Wire Rope 3/8" Thimble-Thimble

Wire rope is an essential product for venue rigging as well as staging. With a variety of applications it can be used for, wire rope is a versatile product that helps secure the loads hanging above us (among many additional uses). Our domestically made wire rope from LiftAll is perfectly engineered for a safe and effective product that will get the job done.

When suitable overhead supports are not available to rig from, a bridle may be required. We’ve used LiftAll’s wire rope to rig thousands of bridles over the years. When it comes to suspending loads above our heads, we only trust the best brands for unmatched safety.

This item features a 3/8” thimble diameter and is available in a variety of lengths. Remember, just because you don’t see what you’re looking for on our online shop doesn’t mean we can’t help you!

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