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Liftket elevation1+ converted

Elevation Liftket – Chain Hoist

Kinesys converted Liftket combines the lifting mechanism design of a Liftket chain hoist, with the Kinesys elevation1+ control for variable speed chain hoist.

All Kinesys converted Liftket are fitted with double brakes, four position limit switches, encoder and – in conjunction with LibraCELL – they can reach conformity with many of the worlds most restrictive safety standards.

Kinesys converted Liftkets are available in US, Chinese and European voltage variants.

Variable speed chain hoist


  • Variable speed Liftket, Kinesys converted to be used with the Elevation control system
  • Chain Hoists configurations, available in conformity with D8, D8+, BGV-C1
  • Four speed range, from 0 to 10m/min to 0 to 24m/min
  • Many capacities, from 500kg to 2500kg
  • More configurations available under request
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