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The LinkLift is an electromechanical telescopic actuator specifically designed for the vertical movement of heavy loads using rigid chain technology. The LinkLift is suitable for lifting heavy loads in industry, scenery equipment, and for the movement of structural elements in the construction industry.

The LinkLift is essentially composed of a chain driven from its horizontal storage position to its vertical operational position. This chain has special links: they are block shaped and have a square cross section. They are designed so that their centre of gravity is always their geometrical centre.

The vertical guides inside the drive casing support the links and make sure they are correctly aligned and locked. The lifting system uses a load guiding system requiring it to be mounted, either on the wall, or fitted with a scissor lifting table. Brakes are used to hold the system in place.

As a chain, LinkLift is also capable of keeping the load under traction. This is especially advantageous when the system is subjected to external dynamic loads, for example on cruise ships or in earthquake risk areas. The platform is always firmly held on the ground. An eccentric load that is moved on a platform will never impact the system's stability during its operation.

In our standard magazines, the chain is stored on two levels. Low profile magazines are also available with a single line and special configurations.

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