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Thanks to LM GPIO users can send GPIO signal (input and output) through an Ethernet network and activate contacts (GPO) as well as receive signal from other devices (GPI). Nevertheless, what makes LM GPIO different of other similar products on the market is its compatibility with OSC, which allows to remotely control other applications compatible with this protocol, like OSCillation app. Also because of its compatibility with OSC, it is really easy to integrate it with other WORK PRO products, such as BlueLine Digital System, Digiline Series and, of course, LM 5. LM GPIO offers a good connectivity with up to 10 inputs-outputs configurable by users. Its main features are the followings:

Interface device between OSC-Ethernet commands and general purpose inputs-outputs (GPIO)

-10 ports. Each one of them is fully configurable by the user as input or output.

-SUBD-15 connector for input/output interface

-Power supply connector via jack and MicroUSB.

-RJ45 connector for Ethernet.

-LAN and ACTIVITY connection LED signal.

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