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Lodestar Classic Chain Motor

From outdoor sporting events and concert tours to Broadway musicals and Las Vegas shows, the CM Lodestar Classic electric chain motor is the legendary tough motor that professional riggers around the world can rely on.


Capacities: 1/8 to 2 tons (Metric Rated)
Lift: 60 ft. standard (other lifts available)
Speeds: 5 to 100 F.P.M. at 60 Hz.
Voltages: 1-phase and 3-phase available


  • IP66 Rating: An Ingress Protection (IP) Rating of 66 indicates that the Lodestar Classic offers protection from dust and high-pressure water - making this unit ideal for use in outdoor environments.
    • High-performance composite cord grips: Prevent water from entering the motor body at the pendant and power cord points of entry.
    • Continuous Gaskets: Create a waterproof seal between the gearbox assembly and the back frame and motor covers.
    • O-Rings on Lift Wheel Bearing:Prevent water from entering the motor body through the lift wheel opening.
  • Long Service Life:
    • Standard AC brake is designed for a long service life.
    • Lifetime grease-lubricated gear box ensures better wear and smooth operation. Heavy-duty-rated motors.
    • Standard external chain guide helps extend chain life.
  • Duty Cycle: H-4 duty rated for heavy-duty applications. 2M+ FEM class. 50% duty cycle or 300 on/off per hour.
  • Low Voltage Control: 110 volt for long cable runs without voltage drop. 24 and 48 volt optional. Single-phase and three-phase also available.
  • Overload Protector: Helps prevent lifting of dangerous overloads.
  • Over-travel Prevention: Adjustable limit switch prevents load from over-travel in both up and down directions.
  • Lightweight, Cast-Aluminum Housing:Durable and strong cast-aluminum housing is black powder coated for low visibility.
  • Metric Rated
  • Road Ready: Easy to stow and travel.
  • Lifetime Warranty: The industry's best warranty against manufacturing and material defects.


  • Single or Double DC Brake: Field Installation Kit available for single or double DC brake. The double option features two independent acting DC brakes for redundant braking.
  • Double Limit Switch: Adjustable screw limit switch that automatically stops the hook at any predetermined point when either hoisting or lifting.
  • Variable Speed Units Available (VFD):Varistar or variable speed versions available. Please contact your CM-ET sales representative for details.
  • CM Alloy Latchlok® Hooks: Latchlok® hooks combine innovative design and solid alloy steel. I-beam construction offers more reliable performance than any other hook on the market.
  • Encoders: Available for positioning incremental and absolute.
  • Easy-to-Mount, Cloth-Type Chain Bags
  • Direct Control Unit: Featuring a single cable, a unit can be used as part of a system with multiple units with a single control. Lodestar is compatible with most direct-control motor controllers.
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