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Loudspeaker Stations Archives - Pro Intercom LLC

Loudspeaker Stations

Loudspeaker Stations LS3T LS3 Talkback Loudspeaker Stations are unique to the industry and packed with special features and capabilities. There are three modes of operation: 1. Press-to-talk, release-to-listen using the speaker as the microphone in the talk mode, 2. Full duplex, simultaneous talk/listen when a close-talking, noise-canceling gooseneck is plugged in. 3. As a headset station when a headset is connected instead of a gooseneck mic. The full duplex feature will work in moderately noisy environments because of the deep cut in sidetone automatically applied when the LS3 senses that a microphone has been connected but not an earspeaker. In this mode, sidetone can be adjusted with a front panel recessed screwdriver adjust control which is rotated until any feedback is suppressed. When the LS3 senses a headset, sidetone is automatically restored to a setting which is fixed, but ideal for use with a headset. Override Since LS3s are likely to be used in remote locations, they are subject to having their front panel controls left in positions that will prevent communications from the Master Station. The level can be turned down, the speaker switch left in the Off position etc. Pro Intercom Master Stations are all equipped with an override tone generator. When this inaudible tone is sent out and received by an LS3, it automatically shifts to a predetermined group of settings, restoring volume, and resetting the speaker setting to Listen.

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