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Low Voltage Control with 2 Switches LVC-IV, 2 LVC-S

Low Voltage Control with 2 Switches LVC-IV, 2 LVC-S

Kit contains one (1) LVC-IV control Module and two (2) LVC-S low voltage switches. The LVC-IV low voltage control is used to control one 115V/220V motor by a third party system in a variety of ways:

  • Low voltage wall switch
  • "dry" contact closure
  • RF (radio frequency)
  • IR (infrared)
  • Serial Communication
  • low voltage relay (3v-28v)

Works with LVC-S, WRT, IRT/R, SP-KSM, Aux. "dry" contacts and KS-1 Power Supply Switch. The LVC-IV is housed in a single box, 3-compartment and UL Listed. Two low voltage switches (LVC-S) are included. The module contains a 3-screw terminal block for a low voltage wall switch, an IR receiver jack, a built-in RF receiver, two-RJ25 ports for RS232/RS485, a low voltage relay port with cable and a user-serviceable 3.5 A fuse.

The LVC-IV (module only) may be built into Access (Access Fit, Standard Access and Access XL) V & E, Signature V & E, Ultimate Access V & E, Silhouette V & E, Premier, Targa and Envoy. Factory installed controls will increase the length of the case in the Premier and Targa. Call for exact case length if this dimension is critical.

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