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Low Voltage Power Supplies

SceneX Lighting Provides several low voltage power supplies to meet all power requirements of SceneX LED products


Part Numbers – 5v Freestanding

  • part number S-100-5, 5 Volt, 100 Watts
  • partnumber S-200-5, 5 Volt, 200 Watts

Part Numbers – 12V Freestanding

  • Part Number S-60-12, 12 Volt, 60 Watts
  • Part Number S-100F-12, 12 Volt, 102 Watts
  • Part Number S-150-12, 12 Volt, 150 Watts
  • Part Number S-240-12, 12 Volt, 216 Watts
  • part number S-48-48-12PLUG, 12V, 48Watts (plug-in LED power supply,110VAC)

Part Numbers – 24V Freestanding

  • Part Number S-60-24, 24 Volt, 60 Watts
  • Part Number S-100F-24, 24 Volt, 108 Watts
  • Part Number S-150-24, 24 Volt, 150 Watts
  • Part Number S-240-24, 24 Volt, 240 Watts



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