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MA-1915 Batman 19pcs LED Zoom Wash Moving Head Light-LED Moving Head Series-DAGE Stage Lighting

MA-1915 Batman 19pcs LED Zoom Wash Moving Head Light

MA-1915 Batman 19pcs LED Zoom Wash Moving Head Light Features: Batman is a high-performance, long-life, high-brightness LED zoom wash moving head light, it combines domestic and foreign high-quality materials and DAGE exquisite design technology, and use the authoritative three-phase motor, constant current circuit board and full power 350W electronic ballast, 28V and 12V supply voltage, with ultra-precise positioning and strong anti-interference ability, dimming is flicker-free and no jitter; focusing angle: 6 to 60 degrees; integrated folding clamp, built-in battery can be addressed without connecting power, with RDM insert then console can be programmed address code; full, uniform, bright and superior dyeing effect is the lighting engineer's first choice