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Main Control Panel

Main Control Panel

LaserNet's Main Control (Annunciator) Panel was designed for theatrical use where the laser operator is separated by a great distance from the emergency laser shut off function. The panel offers total remote control of up to four individual laser systems and adheres to all FDA requirements. The panel can also be tied to additional E-Stop push buttons located throughout the theater.

Projector Features:

  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 2U, standard 19" x 10" rack metal case
  • Power: 90 - 240VAC

Additional Information:
The front panel has an E-Stop button with an activation indicator LED. Either two (2) or four (4) power switches, key switches, and indicator lights for Contractor, Projector, and Laser.

Once the power switch is activated, the unit sends a low voltage signal to an optional SS Relay that switches on the main contractor and feeds the laser with AC power. When the laser receives power, a voltage is returned to the panel and the projector indicator LED illuminates, indicating the laser is in standby. By turning the key to the non-removable position, the laser applies power to the diodes, sends a voltage back to the panel, illuminating a green LED, and the system is ready for the show.

Pushing the Emergency Stop button instantly cuts the voltage to the laser diodes of all lasers connected to the panel. Once the emergency has been resolved, twisting the button will allow is to pop out into its normal safe position and power is restored to the lasers. 

The rear of the panel has output connectors for the remote E-Stop, Laser Power, and Emission Status.

Note: If the power to the laser systems is controlled locally via an independent circuit breaker the SS Relay becomes redundant and unnecessary.

Connection to the Emission Status is done via XLR RJ-45 plug with a Cat 5 cable going to each laser.

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