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Maxis SI

Our third-generation motion control and drive solution is built around the Siemens Simotion control system. This is a digital, high capability, integrated solution, designed for demanding industrial applications. Systems that are based on industry standard components from large manufacturers generally have a longer lifetime than custom solutions and have the added benefit of worldwide, year-round spare parts availability.

Maxis SI architecture is scalable from a few to hundreds of motors and can control motors of any size or power. The totally integrated nature of the system allows engineers to view the complete system status, from motor drive current and voltage, through I/O to processors and networks, all from a single interface running on a PC. This can be viewed either locally or remotely over a secure Internet connection and allows for much faster diagnostics, without the need for multiple pieces of software and hardware.

The heart of the system is an advanced motion processor; the Simotion D4x5. Processors are linked together, via a separate synchronous Profinet link, to provide seamless synchronization and error reporting. The processor provides for a high level of additional programming capability allowing advanced features to be added to the system. These can be used to implement Sculptor 3D performer flying moves and anti-sway technology as well as many other real-time features that can be added to expand and enhance the system.

In standard systems with external position controllers, the control system is connected to the drives through an electrical interface. Not only does this interface require more cabling and connections but it also allows only a limited number of alarms or warnings to be reported. Connected to the control system over a digital link, Maxis SI offers full access to drive diagnostics and provides a lower-storage control solution with minimal cabling requirements.

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