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Mbox Director v4

Mbox Director v4

Mbox® Director v4 is the latest version of the GUI control application that is specifically written to control Mbox media server software. It can be used to control all aspects of the Mbox server media server software for both programming and playback, thereby eliminating the need for a lighting console. Mbox Director is a free download.

Mbox Director allows for simple, easy control of the Mbox software through its familiar and easily understandable GUI. Allowing for quick, visual programming, the control parameters in Director have not been diluted for this remote control application so users still have access to the full range of control parameters. The Director application can run on a desktop or laptop computer (Mac only) and will control Mbox software on the same computer or on a networked computer using either Art-Net or sACN. An Mbox media server is not required to make Director function. This means that for offline editing of show data, users can create scenes or edit parameters while not connected to an Mbox server. 

Mbox Director let you control one or more Mbox servers in either live or cued situations.  Any parameter can be modified live, and data can be stored in cues for playback later.  Cue playback can be initiated manually, via timeline/timecode triggering, or by MIDI, OSC, and Art-Net/sACN triggering.  Director also allows for the selective pass through of control data from another source – a lighting console – for shared control from more than one source. For intensive cueing sessions, Director has a Media Picker for quick content selection, and includes Palettes, Presets, and Groups for rapid recall of data.

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