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Mbox Media Server

Mbox Media Server

PRG is pleased to announce the release of the new Mbox® v4 software. Mbox v4 represents over a year of work to modernize, streamline, and enhance the Mbox product line. The core operating concepts of the software remain the same – ease of use, speed of programming – but there is more power and flexibility, and new user interface to make setup and monitoring simpler.

Mbox has always given users powerful and flexible control by working seamlessly with media playback, transitioning, and composition. Every new version of Mbox offers more power due to modernized API’s, a fully 64-bit code-base, and better utilization of modern operating systems and hardware. Furthermore, the revised UI especially the new output and mix setup configuration tools allow for faster, more flexible, and intuitive setup for output and content positioning onscreen.

Feature Highlights:

  • Single-Layer Crossfade
  • Flexible Output Setup
  • Pixel Mapping
  • Playback Options
  • Image Remapping
  • Programming, Remote Control, and Configuration

New in Mbox v4 is the ability to create up to 32 outputs each with independent master controls.  Previous versions of Mbox were limited to two outputs with fixed modes, but Mbox v4 allow ultimate flexibility in quantity, size, and layout. Outputs can be independent or part of a system (with blend and overlap), can be duplicated or resized easily, and can be flipped and rotated.

All versions of the Mbox v4 software increase the number of playback layers. Mbox Designer v4 now supports up to twenty-four layers for playback, Mbox Studio v4 supports up to twelve layers, and Mbox Mini v4 supports up to six layers. All layers can be displayed simultaneously and can be any combination of 2D textures or 3D objects. Users also have the ability to transition content on the same layer. This means the 12 layers that Mbox Studio v4 provides are effectively like having 24 layers on another server.  Layers on Mbox have no fixed content resolution and the Mbox v4 software now has the power to handle 4K movie playback. Mbox v4 continues to provide the same substantial array of play modes and effects so you can present your content in creative ways. Both pixel-mapping (with increased pixel counts) and image remapping tools are included. Built-in keystone, warp, and projection mapping allow for complex projection setups on both standard screens and 3D scenic elements.

Three versions of the Mbox v4 software are available for purchase. Mbox Designer v4 includes every 2D and 3D feature for ultimate power and flexibility. Mbox Studio v4 works just like Mbox Designer, and although some features are scaled back, Studio v4 provides all the power that most users will ever need. Mbox Mini v4 retains the core feature set for 2D content playback and manipulation, but reduces complexity by limiting features and eliminating most 3D elements.  The capabilities of both Studio v4 and Mini v4 have been enhanced when compared to the Mbox v3 software, making them even more powerful while still keeping their status as value leaders.

The other applications in the Mbox software family – Mbox Director and Mbox Remote – have been given enhancements to allow them to work seamlessly with the Mbox v4 software. Mbox Director is a graphical user interface control application that is specifically written to control the Mbox software.

Used together, Mbox Director and Mbox Remote can be used to configure and control all aspects of the Mbox server - configuration, media content synchronization, monitoring, and playback - thereby eliminating the need for a lighting console.  And as before, the Mbox v4 software continues to be one of the easiest and best media servers to use when controlled by any lighting console, either in a live or cued environment.

USB license keys for Mbox Designer v4, Studio v4, and Mini v4 can be purchased from any PRG office or by contacting A software license for either Mbox Studio or Mini can be purchased online. Upgrades for existing Mbox v3 licenses are available also.

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