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Me1 is the first and smallest in our powerful Me family of fog generators.


  • With its single nozzle, the maximum fog output is 100 m3 (3,531 ft3) per minute.
  • 0-100% fog output control from your DMX/RDM device, or direct local control.
  • MAX 3000 APS configuration setting.
  • At maximum output (2.76 bar / 40 psi) Me1 uses only 1 L (0.26 US gallon) of fluid per hour.
  • 4-button LCD user interface, 3 standard USITT DMX512 channels, XLR-5 connectors, RDM compliant.
  • At all output levels Me1 produces a high-quality, consistent fog as long as there is fluid and gas.
  • Automatic Purging System™ (APS™) purges the heating module after the first heating cycle and after every emission of fog preventing residual build up and clogging.
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