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Media Servers - WorldStage

Media Servers

Media Servers The modern media server system is a requisite for layering, sequencing and displaying all types of media content in all types of contexts. WorldStage has been supporting this technology for decades and offers the most extensive inventory of media server hardware, as well as the largest and most experienced staff dedicated to media server applications. As important as having the right hardware, we’ve learned that deploying foolproof methods for formatting content, ingesting media and creating redundant signal paths is even more important, whether your application is a theatrical, corporate or branded event experience. WorldStage has built an expansive array of media servers and continues to expand its equipment inventory, constantly investing in the latest and most reliable technologies. Today, these technologies include: disguise 4×4 Pro Server: Featuring 16 HD or 4 4K outputs from a single server, and taking media server performance up a notch. disguise 4×2 Pro Server: Featuring 4 HD or 1 4K outputs with the same power as the of 4X4 pro. Christie Pandora Box Server: A high-quality server featuring a powerful render-engine that offers real-time compositing in 3D and an array of tracking and mapping features. Dataton Watchout Server: The original node-based media server system that continues to pack an incredible amount of features into a cost-effective platform. Ventuz: A truly interactive node-based system providing advanced con

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