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Mega Blaster Hand Held Co2 Launcher

Mega Blaster Hand Held Co2 Launcher

The Mega Blaster Hand Held Co2 Launcher is designed to use 2" poly bags of products and to give a fabulous full burst of confetti products into the air.  We designed it so those of you who own our Master Blaster Launcher can use the same trigger unit with this launcher barrel.  

Besides more confetti, it shoots items like stress balls, stuffed animals and even hot dogs!  A Real Crowd Pleaser!  The whole visual idea of a silly thing like a hot dog flying into the crowd gets big smiles and chuckles from those we have spoken to.  We get reports that the students and crowd LOVE IT!

This launcher requires lifting foam and a compression cap to really make the products fly high into the air.  Have FUN using it at your event!  And no, we don't supply the hot dogs!!

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