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Motif Fresco

Beautiful, Bright Output

Everyone admires Fresco™! He's got swagger and he's equipped with just the right parts, like 14x 3-watt TRI-color LEDs, to either lighten the mood with a soft, gentle touch... or create a stimulating, breathtaking atmosphere. It’s got thick skin - IP65 to be exact! Yep, take this beauty outdoors with no worries. His qualities make him ideal for architectural lighting applications.

A True Outdoorsman

Control the Motif Fresco™ in full via IR remote control (sold separately), or, opt for 3/5 or 7-Channels. Did we happen to mention how quiet Fresco is? Its advanced heat sink design means zero fan noise… AKA zero distractions! Its durable cast aluminum housing and tempered glass lens and watertight internal gaskets ensures it handles the rugged, rough outdoors with ease.

• Exceptional RGB color mixing from 14x 3-watt TRI-color LEDs 
• Fully controllable via IR remote control (sold separately) 
• Advanced heatsink design for zero fan noise 
• Secure mounting bracket 
• Multiple built-in color presets and auto programs 
• User adjustable program speed & fade times 
• 0-100% variable electronic dimmer 
• Variable electronic strobe 
• Durable cast aluminum housing 
• Tempered glass lens and watertight internal gaskets

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