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MSI06 indoor full color led display - Hunan Xin Ya Sheng Technology & Development Co., Ltd. - led display - Appliances-China

MSI06 indoor full color led display

The magic stage series is the thinnest and lightest in the world, the fastest to install LED display which developed by an independent research from YES TECH. It’s using Polymer nanotechnology materials, break through the limitations of the industry that can not be mass-produced and scattered miscellaneous products. It has realized same cabinet can compatible with more than nine models module, including the indoor series P5, P6.25, P7.5, P9.375 and outdoor series of the P5, P6.25, P7.5, P9.375, P15. Magic stage innovate many structure designs, also obtained two invention patents and eight types of practical patents. With light, slim, fast, fantastic, economical five advantages, it brings unprecedented expression and creativity for the rental company, acting performances, sporting events, advertising, information release, festival activities and hotel entertainment.

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