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Multifunction Device, electronic LCD Touch position preset counters 571T

⋅ Frequency Meter
⋅ Pulse counter
⋅ Short time knife
⋅ Position display
⋅ Tachometer
⋅ Preset Counters
⋅ Time Preset Counters
⋅ Hour Meters / Timers

The multifunction preset counter 571T with its max. 250 kHz count frequency is ideal for fast counting tasks. It can also be used as a tachometer, short time meter, stop-watch or to measure machine cycle times or throughput times.
Output options include 4 limit values, analog output and RS232 or RS485 interface.
This device is thus able to carry out virtually all count, measurement and control tasks.


  • Fast count input, works with our Limes measuring system (250 kHz/HTL, 1 MHz / RS422).
  • 4 switching outputs to work as limit values (reactiontime < 1 ms).
  • Scalable analog output (reaction time < 1 ms), resolution 16 bit, -10 ... +10 V, 0 ... 20 mA or 4 ... 20 mA.
  • Serial interface RS232 or RS485 for reading data in and out.
  • Sensor power supply 24 V DC / 150 mA (AC version) or UB - 1 V / max. 250 mA (DC version).
  • 96 x 48 mm DIN housing, IP65.
  • Touch display with 8-digit display value and menu-driven programming.
  • 2 relay outputs that can be assigned to the limit values.


  • AC and DC power supply in one unit.
  • Measuring function can be programmed for RPM, speed, speed from elapsed time, machine cycle time, throughput time (reciprocal rotary speed), as well as numerous count and stop-watch functions.
  • 4 switching outputs; can also be programmed as a tracking preset.
  • Freely programmable.
  • Large 13 mm high LCD display, 8-digit, with adjustable brightness. Tri-color – red / green / yellow – programmable.
  • Display linearization with teach function.
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