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Musicians insurance

In the entertainment business, talent is the most valuable commodity, but equipment is a close second. Without it, the show can’t go on. Even if you have all the talent in the world, if you’re a musician, you better make sure your equipment is covered year round, over 100% of the planet. If you’re not 100% sure, talk to Take1. We offer the most comprehensive and cost-effective all-lines insurance program for the live and non-live entertainment industry. We can cover all of your equipment, wherever it is, from rehearsal studio to recording studio to stage, in your hands or in transit. Whether you tour with a 1958 Les Paul Sunburst or a 1698 Stradivarius, make sure Take1 is there with you. You’re not fully equipped without us. Take1 or take your chances. Key benefits: General Liability • Comprehensive General Liability Coverage – Designed to meet the needs of touring entertainers with limits available to address the requirements of any venue or promoter • A special all-inclusive insurance program designed with small bands, single artists, and country/christian musicians in mind • Ability to offer coverage for international tours • Coverage available for tossing objects and pyrotechnics •

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