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State-of-the-art optical system
NANDOBEAM-S6 is a very powerful and ultra-fast new generation moving-head fixture in a compact housing. Its advanced and highly efficient proprietary optical system coupled with powerful 15 Watt RGBW LED sources provide a narrow 8° beam as well as wide 40° coverage. 

NANDOBEAM-S6's thirty-seven 15 Watt LED are cooled by a heatpipe equipped with heat-transfer fluids and heat-exchange material. This advanced cooling technology gives an extended LED lifetime, quiet operation and maximum light source efficiency. A 6,000 lumen output at its 8° angle makes NANDOBEAM-S6 the perfect lighting tool for use as a beamlight moving-head. Its wide angle capabilities of up to 40° coupled with the same 6,000 lumen light output as its narrow beam angle gives great washlight potential.

A versatile product
The high quality of its colour-mixing makes NANDOBEAM-S6 suitable for the most demanding environments. AYRTON's legendary consistency and quality of colour coupled with total control of its beam dispersion at any angle makes NANDOBEAM-S6 perfect for TV studios and stage, while low noise levels and accuracy of movement make it equally suited to events.NANDOBEAM-S6 is equally happy in front of an audience or a camera. Operated in Expanded Full Colour mode its 3 rings of LED emitters gathered around a central LED can be individually controlled or used with onboard effects to become a very versatile beamlight, washlight or matrix tool.

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